Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Zoo Goes Boo!

We took Brayden to John Ball Zoo last Saturday for The Zoo Goes Boo. Basically, all the kids dress up in their Halloween costume and walk around the zoo. They have some tables set up along a path where they can trick-or-treat, getting candy and coloring books and the such. They also had some other fun activities set up, arts and crafts and scarecrow building and the such. We didn't do any of the "other" activities though, they were so busy and looked a little beyond Brayden. It was a beautiful fall day and the animals were full of life, which was really nice. The last time that I was at this zoo it was so hot that barely any of the animals were out and about. Oh yeah, and we had a really cute monkey follow us around the zoo the whole time. We actually ended up bringing him home with us :)

Like I said, the animals were really active. I was so thrilled to see the bears up and moving - I don't think I have ever caught them on a good day before!

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