Monday, January 12, 2009

Apologies and Christmas Activites - Part 1

I first have to start out by saying that I am so sorry about the lack of updates. I have no idea where December went, but needless to say it is gone and the month obviously did not include any blog updates. I especially need to say to Heather that I am sorry for all the times that I made fun of you for not updating your blog, because I seem to suck just as much as you do with this kind of stuff! :)

Anyways, December was of course a very busy month for us, as it was for all I am sure. Here are some pictures to help sum up the month.

This is Brayden helping Daddy put the tree together.

And helping Mommy put ornaments on the tree. He was such a big help decorating the tree this year.

Here is Brayden trying to sit under the tree. If you look at the branches right around him, you will notice that they are the branches that he decorated. There are at least 3 ornaments on each branch - he really liked those branches.

And our boy with the finished product.

December brought a lot of opportunities to clean up the snowfall. Here Daddy and Brayden are shoveling the deck! He really does enjoy it - I promise!

He so desperately wants to be a big boy so he can do what Daddy does!

We went to Lowell's Christmas Parade, which was held at night this year. We had a great time, even though it was FREEZING that night.

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