Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Change in pets

Unfortunately we had to get rid of our dog, Buddy, a few weeks ago. Kyle and I got him from the animal shelter right after we bought our house and he was great for us at the time. As Brayden got bigger, our house seems to have gotten smaller and the dog was always in the way. We had been looking for someone to take him and give him a loving home, but couldn't find any takers. Then one Sunday, Buddy snapped at Brayden a few times and we decided that it was time - so he went back to the shelter (or to find new friends to live with) and we went and bought a fish tank!

Fast foward about a month. We have three wonderful fish - Fred, Scooby-Doo, and Prince. All of a sudden, Prince is DEAD... Not sure what happened but we found him in the corner of the tank one evening, just laying at the bottom. We didn't want to have to explain the circle of life quite yet, so as soon as Brayden went to bed Kyle ran to Meijer to get a replacement... except that he decides that he wants something totally different. Prince changed from a little orange fish with a big colorful tail to a slightly bigger, light blue fish. Brayden questions and we tell him that Prince just grew up. Then two days later, Brayden decides to be a wonderful helper and feed the fish for Mom while she was in the bathroom. Most of a jar of food later, we had two dead fish, and some explaining to do. So much for putting off the talk...

We miss you Bo-b0. Hope you have someone who loves you as much as we did, with room for you to play!

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