Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beautiful Fall Evening

Last night was the absolute perfection of a fall evening. We felt like we had to put life aside and take advantage of it, so outside to play we went as soon as dinner was done.

We are so blessed to have been given two different play sets that we were able to combine into "the greatest swing set on the block." Brayden hasn't had much of a chance to play on it this year, but loves it every chance he has gotten. He is so glad that Papa fixed it so that the slide is no longer "broken" - as it was for quite a while laying in our backyard.

We have noticed that this son of ours gets more and more adventurous every day. He didn't even want any help climbing the ladders.

Brayden loves swinging, higher and higher. I just wished he would learn to make it go by himself - it gets a little old having to keep pushing. :)

One part of his play set has a clubhouse (tower) - just like Mickey Mouse, or the Little Rascals, since Kyle wants to hang a sign that says "No Girls Allowed". Brayden climbed up to be inside it for I think only the second time. It was fun for a couple of minutes, but then he was more than ready to get down.

Last night was the first time that he would voluntarily go down the slide, especially more than once. He all of a sudden decided that the slide was a lot of fun, so we basically just spent a lot of time watching him climb up and then slide down. It was amazing how much more comfortable he got with the slide. He started out dragging his feet the whole way so that he was barely scooting - by the end he was using his hands to make himself go as fast as he could.

By the end of the night, Brayden had even learned that he can climb up the slide itself, and that it was just as much fun going up this way than sliding down.

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