Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A fun night

The other night for dinner we had some corn on the cob that we picked up at a local farm stand. Brayden seemed to really love it -

He loved it so much that he ate three whole ears of it!

After dinner we pulled out a puzzle I picked up at a garage sale this past weekend. Brayden has really been into puzzles lately, wanting to do them over and over. Well, this one ended up being one that he isn't quite ready to do by himself.

After being put all together, this puzzle is huge. I know that box says that it is five feet long, but I didn't actually understand what that meant I guess. I do know that already it was well worth the dollar that it cost - especially when Mimi was the one that paid the dollar!
As soon as we spend the time putting it together, which consists of lots of counting, Brayden loves jumping up and down on it to break it up. We then put it back in the box, take care of the box, sit down, go get the box again, open it and dump all the pieces out and start all over...

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Tracy said...


He is TOO cute! I'm glad you passed on your site to me! I'll add it to my favorite list.