Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anatomy Lessons by Brayden

A couple of weeks ago, Brayden and I were in the shower getting ready for church. As he was washing himself, this is the conversation that took place...

B: Where is your pee pee?
M: Mommies don't have pee pees.
B: But where is it, at the store?
M: No, only boys have pee pees. Mommies don't have one.
B: Oh, Daddy and Brayden have pee pees and mommy, you have nothing.
M: Yup, pretty much.

That is right, Mom's are worthless, they have nothin!

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Tracy said...

OMG Nicki,

That is sooo funny. John has been asking us where babies come from? When he asked me, I told Scott. Scott said that John had already asked him. Ok, what did you tell him Scott? He told John that the stork brings them.

Uh huh!