Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random facts about Brayden

1. He loves ketchup on EVERYTHING, actually it doesn't have to be on anything...
2. His first favorite show was Signing Time, now it fluctuates between Scooby Doo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
3. He has to have his bot (favorite green blanket that goes everywhere with him), the two quilts that his Mimi made him, and a blanket that he stole from Grandma Marianne in order to go to bed. If anything is missing, it is not going to be a good night.
4. He loves to be tickled, even asks for it a lot. Most ticklish spots are his chest and the tops of his thighs.
5. He has a fabulous memory - maybe too good.
6. He learned to count to ten in Spanish seemingly on his own. He came home from daycare one day counting and they didn't teach him either.
7. He loves to play games, even making up his own.
8. One of his favorite activities is riding on the quad with Uncle Mike. He could do it all day every day if he could.
9. He was very afraid of the thought of Santa Claus coming into the house and leaving him presents - first time I have ever heard of such a thing.
10. He loves music - playing, singing, listening - doesn't matter.
11. He slept in his crib the very first night we brought him home and never slept a night outside of it as long as we were at home. He also never tried to climb outside of it, and would probably still be fine sleeping in it if I didn't get sick of having to lift him in and out.
12. He was born without the ability to swallow. He had to have a chiropractic adjustment while still in the hospital to release the nerve that enables the tongue to swallow.
13. He was so excited the first time I allowed him to color with markers. He had always been told before that he was too little. The look on his face was priceless, like he felt like he had finally become a big boy. Thanks Maggie for the ColorWonder markers that changed his life.
14. He would spend all day outside if he was allowed. Loves going for walks, playing in the snow, riding his car, swimming, anything that involves being outside.
15. He is obsessed with tools lately, wants to fix everything.
16. His favorite movie is Lion King - asks to watch it almost every single day.
17. He can't wait to grow "bigger and bigger so he can go hunting"
18. As of lately he keeps asking when he gets to be small enough to go back into Mommy's belly.
19. He finds going to church very exciting, in fact - gets mad if he finds out that we are going for some reason without him.
20. He hides from monsters on a regular basis, but doesn't seem to actually be afraid of them

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