Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random facts about Kyle

1.I will listen to pretty much any kind of music.
2.I played in the band all the way through middle and high school.
3.I had back surgery when i was 16 years old.
4.I love to watch the history channel.
5.I have at least 20 pair of white socks at all times.
6.My dad gave me a basketball for christmas at least 4 years in a row.
7. I make fun of everybody I work with, mostly to their face, and get a lot of the same in return. Its fun and makes work go by faster.
8. I have a passion for working on small engines. My dream is to some day open my own repair shop.
9. I have driven a race car with over 600 horsepower.
10. I love to hunt for deer, but have yet to actually shoot one. Someday.
11. I enjoy driving around the state in a semi truck and seeing many areas I would have never discovered on my own.
12. I try to be a tough dad, but I think my son knows he has me wrapped around his finger.
13. I tell my wife I love her pretty much every time we talk on the phone.
14. I enjoy doing the laundry and dishes.
15. I am anal with routines. I do the same thing every morning and if I don't, I'm lost for the day.
16. I love laying in bed with nicki and brayden in the morning on the weekends. We usually have an awesome time together.
17. I think I have a problem with flatulence
18. I don't get the whole face book thing.
19. I finally got nicki to let me grow a beard (try) after almost 8 years.
20. I believe I have found the person I was meant to be with forever.

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Tracy said...

About #17, what man doesn't??? LOL